Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Fellow Christians & others,

This week, I have been roped into attending a big party for a bunch of "artsy" type people, to raise money for a group called ArtsMemphis. I have no idea what kinds of things these types of people gets up to at their "parties"...so please pray for me as I walk into this "Lion's Den" of heathens. 

I have no doubt they'll be beggin' for money (in my book, "artsy people" = "hobos"!). They begged me to talk about it because they reckon I can help draw 'em up a crowd of folks that they can try to squeeze a dollar out of...

Mash on the play button on the video below to see me talk to you...

Visit the ArtsMemphis website to look at some of the shenanigans they get up to!

Only because I am commanded to...love, SM

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